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      Doo Prime Vanuatu Limited Order Execution Policy


      The company DOO PRIME VANUATU LIMITED (Reg.No. 700238), 1276, Govant Building, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Republic of Vanuatu, hereinafter referred to as the Company, on the one hand, and any individual or legal person, hereinafter referred to as the Customer, on the other hand, have concluded the present contract of transactions, the use of CFD as follows.

      1. Subject of the contract

      The contract establishes the general conditions under which the client receives information from the Company in the form of consultations upon FOREX and CFD shares and indexes, metals and other resources through access to financial and information system Meta Trader 4.

      The company also provides the Customer with access to the flow of economic news in real time by means of access to newslines (economic, financial), analytical forecasts and materials as well as conducting the training programs.

      Customer enters into transactions on his behalf and at his own risk, on the Internet through the trading terminal of the Company (hereinafter referred to as “Terminal”).

      2. Definitions and terms (It is generally accepted in the international currency market of FOREX)

      Company - DOO PRIME VANUATU LIMITED (Reg.No. 700238), legal entity responsible for transactions and all necessary settlements with customers in accordance with this Contract.

      Working hours of the Company - period of time during the week when the trading terminal of the Company ensures the implementation of transactions with standard currency and CFD contracts. Exceptions are weekends and holidays, temporary changes in the Company's internal regulations, as well as the time during which the service of the customers is impossible for technical reasons. In these cases the Company must take all possible measures to notify the Client about the change of working mode and allow the client to avoid currency risks.

      Personal Account - a special account of the account opened in the Company by the Client which keeps records of obligations of the Company and the Client that arise from the transactions made under this Contract.

      Conversion arbitrage operations - the transactions between the Company and the Client on buying or selling a contract for the currency of the contract or on the indexes that suggest the implementation of at least two opposite transactions for the purchase and sale of the same size contract.

      CFD Contract is the Contracts available for trading on the stocks, futures, metals and other commodities in the trading system of the Company.

      Client is a physical or legal person who concludes conversion arbitrage operations with the Company according to the quotations provided by the Company.

      Equity is a part of the Client's personal account including open positions, which is associated with balance and Floating (Profit/ Loss) by the following formula: Equity = Balance +Profit+ Swap.

      Floating Profit/ Loss is a floating (unrealized) income (losses) on open positions at the current prices.

      Free Margin is a free margin not involved in the provision of guarantees for open positions. Calculated: Free Margin = Equity – Margin.

      Margin - the amount necessary to provide guarantee to the open position.

      Margin Level is an indicator of the state of the account. It is calculated as Equity / Margin x 100%.

      Margin Call is the moment when there is a shortage of free margin (Free Margin) on the customer's personal account and you must either credit your account or close some of the open positions in order to maintain the account status indicator (Margin Level) at a sufficient level. Margin Call occurs when the percentage of the account balance (Margin Level) reaches 30%.

      Stop-out (Stop Out) - the state of the account in which the client loses the ability to manage his account and one or more open positions of it is forcibly closed by any nearest affordable price to save a positive balance on the account. Stop Out occurs when the percentage of the account balance (Margin Level) reaches 10% or below.

      The base currency (base currency) - currency in which are nominated and calculated the personal account, all balances, commission fees and charges.

      Balance (balance) is the sum of the Client's personal account after the last transaction traced within any length of time.

      Base currency (Base Currency) is the first currency in a currency pair.

      Balance Margin (Margin Balance) - Account Balance plus the unrealized income or loss. It is used to determine the total number of available open positions.

      Bonus-hunting (hunting bonus points) is an attempt of fraud in order not to work on the Forex market, but rather take the bonus.

      Currency (Currency) is foreign currency USD, JPY, AUD, GBP, CHF, EUR, NZD, CAD, DKK, etc.

      For currencies the following designations are:
      USD - US Dollar
      EUR- Euro
      CHF - Swiss Franc
      GBP - British Pound
      JPY - Japanese Yen
      AUD - Australian Dollar
      CAD - Canadian dollar
      NZD- New Zealand dollar
      DKK - Danish Krone
      NOK - Norwegian Krone
      SEK - Swedish Krona
      SGD - Singapore dollar
      CCK- CZK
      SKK - Slovak Koruna
      HUF - Hungarian Forint
      PLN - Polish Zloty
      HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
      L VL - Latvian Lat
      MXN - Mexican Peso
      ZAR - South African Rand
      The contract for the currency is available for trading currency pairs.

      Cross - currency pairs (Cross Currency Pairs) - Two foreign currencies used in foreign exchange transactions in relation to the US dollar, i.e. quotes that do not contain the US dollar. The ratio in which 3 one currency is bought (or sold) by the party in exchange for the supply (or obtain) a second foreign currency.

      Leverage - the ratio of the transaction to the initial margin. More information is laid out in the public domain on the Company's website.

      Lot (lot) is the unit of measurement of the transaction.

      Margin trading (Margin Trading) - the implementation of arbitrage operations with currency contracts and (or) contracts on indexes which result in the volume of opened positions several times higher than the variation margin.

      Open Position- deal of purchase (sale) not covered by the opposite sale (purchase) contract.

      Profit and Loss (Profit/ Loss, P / L) is the actual profit or loss in the accounting units of the Company arising from transactions to close positions, plus the theoretical income or loss on open positions that are subject to market revaluation.

      The market price (Market price) is the price at the current time.

      Market Order (Market order) is the order to buy or sell at the market price. When buying this order is the closest ad from seller price (Ask), when selling - the closest bid to buy (Bid).

      Order "Stop" (Stop order) is the order (other than a Market Order) to buy or sell at a specified price. Order "Stop" to buy generally will be executed when the bid price equals or rises above the purchase price in the currency market as defined in the stop order. Stop Order to sell generally will be executed when the selling price is equal to or falls below the sales price in the currency market as defined in the Order of "Stop".

      Order "Limit" (Limit order) is the order (other than a Market Order) to buy or sell at a specified price or better one. Order "limit" to buy generally will be executed when the purchase price is equal to or falls below the purchase price in the currency market as defined in a limit order. Limit Order to sell generally will be executed when the selling price is equal to or higher than the selling price in the currency market as defined in the Order of "limit".

      Order "Stop Loss" (Stop Loss order) - an order to close an open position to achieve a certain level of prices to reduce losses.

      Order "take profit" (Take Profit order) - an order to close an open position to achieve a certain level of prices used for profit.

      Order (Order) - in general, the order of the Client to make a deal for the Customer's Account.

      Point (Point, Pip) is the smallest unit price of any foreign currency (e.g. USD / CHF point equals to 0.0001 Swiss franc and USD / JPY - 0,01 yen).

      Spread is the difference between the buying and selling rate of a currency pair or CFD contract at a given time.

      Storage (storage - swap) are funds withdrawn or added to the account of the Client for the prolongation (transfer) of the position to the next day.

      Transaction is a set of trading operations when funds pass from the base currency in the quote currency and back.

      The purchase price (Bid Price) - the price at which a currency is offered for sale.

      Sales price (Ask Price) is the price at which a currency is offered for purchase.

      Foreign Currency (Foreign Currency) is a legal tender issued and accepted in payment obligations under the laws of one or more countries.

      Gap is the gap in the charts of quotations. This is a sharp change in market prices caused by a force majeure or planned news but very different from the forecasts.

      3. General rules for transactions under this contract (according to the principles generally accepted in the international market FOREX CFD stocks, and indexes and metals)

      3.1. The company provides services to businesses, and individuals in the international market from the territory of registration of the Company via the Internet.

      3.2. The customer at any time chooses the desired operation and makes a request for confirmation.

      3.3. The company has the right to reject the Client's request to open a position if the free margin (Free Margin) is less than the margin required to guarantee this position.

      3.4. Pending orders Sell Limit and Buy Limit as well as Take profit on currency pairs and CFD contracts are executed at stated prices of the Client on the first market price.

      3.5. A Buy Stop and Sell Stop, as well as the Stop Loss on currency pairs and CFD contracts are executed at market prices. If at the time of opening and closing of the positions the gap has been formed and the level of the pending order was inside the gap, then the order is executed at the first available market price after the price gap.

      3.6. The Company keeps the right not to execute the order or to reconsider the opening (closing) price of the order in case of the technical failure of the trading platform reflected in the quotes flow of financial instruments as well as in case of other technical failures.

      3.7. Pending orders (Stop Loss, Take Profit, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop) are exhibited no closer than 10 points from the market price - for currency pairs and CFD trading with a spread of less than 10 points and no closer than the size of the spread - for currency pairs and CFD trading with a spread of more than 10 points.

      3.8. The customer has no right to change or remove an order if the price has reached a level of execution of the order.

      3.9. Forced closing of opened positions on the account of the Client occurs when the value of Margin Level is up to 10 percent. If you have more than three open positions the Company keeps the right, when the margin level of 25%, in order to avoid negative balance on the fast (volatile) market, to shut down some of the most loss-making ones. The last position is forcibly terminated when margin level is from 10 to 1%.

      3.10. The customer assumes full responsibility for giving orders for opening, closing, changing, deleting orders. All operations are carried out at the same time under the responsibility of the Client.

      3.11. The Company may revise (change) a closed position in the case of software failures. If the sale of the instrument opened with a gap and the level of orders was inside the gap, the Company has the right to work order at the current market price different from the order level. In most of the time trade is carried out with the spreads specified in the contract.

      3.12. A list of force majeure events which are the basis for the suspension of work as well as to the revision of transactions: war, terrorist acts, natural, man-made disasters, hacker attacks and other illegal actions against the Company's servers.

      3.13. All matters relating to the definition of the level of prices on the market, the possibility of placing orders and their implementation are the sole competence of the company. Any references of the Client on the quotes of information systems and other companies are incompetent. Customer agrees that prices in the terminal of the Company are the only reliable source since they correspond to the subject of financial news systems training.

      3.14. Trading operations using additional functions of the client trading terminal such as Trailing Stop or Expert Adviser are executed completely under the responsibility of the Client as directly depend on the client trading terminal and cannot be controlled by the Company's servers.

      3.15. The company has the right to unilaterally change the current regulations quotes notifying the customer about the change by the news item on the front page of the company, which the Customer agrees to visit regularly. Any claims of the Customer about non-receipt of such notice will not be accepted. Customer agrees and acknowledges that all conversations between the Client and the Company may be recorded on magnetic, electronic and other media with automatic warning or without. Customer further agrees to use these records as evidence in case of disputes between the Company and the Client.

      4. Trading conditions

      4.1. The company has the right to add a new currency into the trading system placing all the relevant information on the Company's website at www.dooprime.com

      4.2. Available for trading CFD contracts are the following: CFD on shares of companies included into the CFD metals (Gold, Silver), CFD on futures contracts.

      4.3. The company has the right to add a new CFD into the trading system placing all the relevant information on the Company's website at www.dooprime.com

      4.4. Size of 1 (one) standard lot in the currency pairs is equivalent to 100,000 of currency, first in the currency pair. The minimum volume of transactions is 0.01 lot. The choices of leverage on currency pairs are from 1 :50 to 1: 500. When opening a trading account the client defaults to a leverage of 1: 100.

      4.5. Every week from Friday at 21 :00 GMT to 22:00 GMT Sunday on all real and demo accounts with a leverage of more than 1: 100 the leverage is automatically set to 1: 100. Thus, for all accounts stop-out level is increased from 10% to 100%.

      4.6. All necessary for trading currency pairs information on spreads (spread), swaps (swap), margin requirements, etc. is available on the Company's website at: www.dooprime.com

      4.7. The set value of leverage in the trading terminal of the Client does not apply to trade CFD contracts.

      4.8. Holders of contracts for difference (CFD) do not receive dividends. With CFD trading it is taken into account the correction for dividend - <Dividend Adjustment>. If you have open positions on the day of registration - ex-dividend date, there is a correction. Long position ("bought") is the amount of correction is calculated, short ("sold") - written off. The basis for calculating the correction coincides with the value of dividends per share.

      4.9. All the necessary CFD contracts for trading information on the margin requirements, spreads (spread), swaps (swap), the time of trading sessions, etc. is available on the Company's website at: www.dooprime.com

      4.10. The Company may change the spread on currency pairs and CFD contracts in accordance with the market situation.

      4.11. Swaps are variable and change depending on changes in interest rates in countries whose currency is quoted in a currency pair. The Company may change the value of swaps on currency pairs and CFD contracts notifying the Client by publishing swaps. From Friday to Monday swaps are charged for one day. From Wednesday to Thursday swaps are charged in triple size.

      4.12. All terms and conditions are set by the Company and posted on the website www.dooprime.com and can be changed unilaterally by the Company. When changing the trading conditions Company shall inform the Client by publishing news or by internal mail of the Terminal. The changes do not apply to transactions executed until conditions change.

      5. Terms of the ban on the bonus-hunting

      5.1. On our site are forbidden any action with the intention to cause a loss of our company due to receive the bonus. This rule applies to all who come to our centre not dealing with the aim of working in the Forex market but only with a view to collect the bonus.

      5.2. If the Customer systematically closes positions with a profit of less than 10 points and still has non-turn over bonus, his actions will be regarded as bonus-hunting and earned money will be written off.

      5.3. If the Client systematically opens the opposite positions and thus has non-turn over bonus, his actions will be regarded as a bonus-hunting.

      5.4. Customer agrees that the size of his non-turn over bonus will be reduced in proportion to the amount of withdrawals on the amount of the initial deposit.

      5.5. The Company reserves the right to apply other algorithms to identify the bonus-hunting that are not described in this agreement.

      5.6. Customer agrees that if he falls under the suspicion of the bonus-hunting, he will be deprived of all bonuses and the funds on his account may be blocked and followed by the investigation of the incident.

      5.7. Customer agrees that if his actions are set by the signs a bonus-hunting, then as a penalty he will be charged with a 5% deposit.

      5.8. Customer agrees that in case of withdrawal request having the non-turn over bonus the size of non-turn over bonus will be reduced in proportion to the amount of withdrawals on the amount of the initial deposit.

      5.9. Customer agrees that the registration of multiple accounts in the company the bonus will be credited only for his first deposit made.

      6. Protection against fraud

      6.1. Customer agrees that his account will be blocked if the security service establishes that he filed for registration untruthful information.

      6.2. Customer agrees that his account will be blocked if he cannot provide proof of his registration information when needed.

      6.3. Customer agrees that his account will be blocked if the security service will detect unauthorized access to the databases of the Company or the accounts of other clients.

      6.4. Customer agrees that his account will be blocked in case of more than one person access to one IP.

      6.5. Customer agrees that if he falls under suspicion of fraud his account will be blocked until the final results of the investigation of the situation.

      6.6. The Company keeps the right to apply any algorithms to detect fraud and those who are trying to use the money obtained by criminal means.

      7. Offerer contract. Contract of acceptance

      7.1. The proposal to the conclusion of this contract is a public offer, i.e. a proposal for an undetermined audience. The contract is concluded by the acceptance, that is, by Customer's consent to the terms of the contract.

      7.2. Acceptance includes the following steps:
      Filling in the Client registration form to open an account (the registration form is freely available on the Internet at www.dooprime.com).
      This Contract procedure complies with the principles of international commercial contracts according to which the offer is an offer to conclude a contract on the one hand, and acceptance are actions of another party expressing the consent to conclude the contract.
      According to the legislation of most countries the offerer contract is considered as:
      - Advertising and other proposals addressed to an indefinite number of persons regarded as an invitation to make offers unless other ones are not directly stated in the proposal.
      - Containing all the essential terms of the contract proposal of which the will of the person making the offer to conclude an agreement on the conditions specified in the proposal with anyone who responds is recognized as an offer (public offer).

      8. Legal basis of the contract and the purpose of payment

      8.1. The contract is freely available online www.dooprime.com

      8.2. All the actions of the company under the contract take place on the territory of The Republic of Vanuatu. Location of services is the place where are carried out the final steps necessary to provide the service, namely:
      - The place of signing the contract;
      - The location of the Company which shall decide on the signing of contracts, the development and adoption of technical specifications and technical characteristics of the provision of services;
      - The location of the company which carries out the opening of personal account of the Client, the Client's data processing, provides the storage of personal data of the Client;
      - Place of action for the collection and analysis of financial information on Forex services and CB;
      - The place of introduction of analytical information in the computer system provided for the customer;
      - The location of the IT existence, entrance point and transmission of signals from the server of the Company to a particular client.
      - The location of the bank which credits the full fees to the main account of the Company.

      8.3. For individuals (citizens) the contract may be concluded with any person who has reached the majority age and has full capacity to act unless it is prohibited by national law of the Client. The condition of the full capacity of the Customer is required. Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted about him. In case of date change the Client is obliged to notify the Company.

      8.4. For legal entities the contract may be concluded with any legal entity established under the laws of any state or international law. To conclude the contract on behalf of the Client one should be authorized acting under the Charter, the power of attorney or other administrative documents unless it is prohibited by national law of the registration. Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted about him. In case of data change the Client is obliged to notify the Company.

      8.5. Payment information when paying customer's access to financial news system must meet the following requirements:
      8.5.1. It should contain surname, name and patronymic of the client.
      8.5.2. The purpose of payment should be specified by the number of Accepted contract.
      8.5.3. Other information in the payment is allowed if the customer makes payments under the contract through the partner companies including electronic payment systems.

      9. Other terms of the contract

      9.1. The Company keeps the right to unilaterally without disclosing the reasons to block the user's account during the investigation, or to break the agreement or the whole contract if the security company will find out one of the following facts: fraud, breach of this agreement or the whole contract, the use of trade methods which are a threat to the existence of the company, both direct and indirect, including the threat of any technical or economic activities as well as the increased load on the server.

      9.2. Customer shall provide the safety of information about his passwords and other confidential information, such as transfer numbers. The Company is not responsible for the consequences of the loss of information confidentiality or his passwords by the client. This statement applies both to the transfer by the client the passwords to others voluntarily, and the loss of the passwords' confidentiality against his will.

      9.3. The Company has the right not to carry out its own obligations under this Contract and to transfer the obligations to other related companies or entities with an access to financial news system.

      9.4. Any loss or payment obligations of the Company that may arise in connection with the illegal actions of the Client shall be paid and / or reimbursed by the Client.

      9.5. Since the company is not the provider of the Internet the Company is not liable for failure in executing the obligations by the reason of communication system failure. In all the situations not covered by this contract the parties are responsible to each other in accordance with the trade customs and other rules of private international law.

      9.6. The customer is obliged to respect the right of the State of the Company registration and the Customer's national law.

      9.7. Parties are not responsible for any failure or improper fulfilment of obligations under the contract due to force majeure: an event of force majeure (floods, earthquakes, other natural disasters, war conditions and similar public events); legal force majeure (prohibitive and restrictive decisions of the highest state authorities, strikes and other socio-political phenomenon that caused the impossibility of proper execution or breach of contract).

      9.8. All disputes that might arise out of this Contract should be settled by the parties through negotiations in writing. Claims of the Client are considered by the company within ten working days of receipt.

      9.9. The present contract is concluded for an indefinite period and shall enter into force from the date of enrolment of the Customer's money to the main account of the Company. The contract may be terminated by the agreement of the parties or unilaterally. Party that terminates the contract shall notify 9 the other party by the terminal e-mail for at least 24 hours before. The calculations are carried out after the termination of the contract in accordance with the s. 9 of the contract.

      9.10. The Company keeps the right to change or modify this Contract by notifying the Client within 5 working days before the changes come into effect through by the internal mail of the trading terminal of the Client or by publication changes at the Company's website.

      9.11. Terms of services through the site "www.dooprime.com" are an integral part of this contract.

      9.12. The place of execution of this contract is recognized as the location of the Company. Legal address: 1276, Govant Building, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Republic of Vanuatu.

      9.13. The customer is warned by the Company of the risky nature of the transactions concluded in accordance with this Contract and that the risk can be substantial. Before contracting the company once again draws the attention of the Customer to the fact that in the course of the contract the Client is acquiring the ability both to increase his cash funds credited to the account of, and has the risk to reduce them up to a total loss. Customer has taught himself the national law and the Client is notified of the legal regulation, as well as he shall perform the right of the Company registration entitled to the purposes of this contract which is carried out on the territory of registration of the Company.